Company contacts

Sales department:

Department manager

Alina Galdina


tel: +7 911 799-11-98

Customer relations department:

Department manager

Alexei Sukhachev


tel: +7 911 729-27-27

Transport department:

Department manager

Anatoly Churakov


tel: +7 911 270-26-26

Forwarding department:

Department manager

Sergei Lebedev


tel: +7 911 290-27-27

Customs clearance department:

Department manager

Alexander Kapitonov


tel: +7 921 437-83-59

Freight department

Department manager

Igor Girenko


tel: +7 911 021-27-27

Head office:

13 ASHCH Moskovskoe Shosse

Saint Petersburg, 196158

tel:   (812) 329-03-81

fax: (812) 329-03-80




121170, Москва,

Кутузовский проспект 36, стр. 17.


603086, Нижний Новгород,

ул.Стрелка, д.21, офис 220.


353900, Новороссийск,

ул. Луначарского д. 23.


423800, Набережные Челны,

Производственный проезд, д.45.


Обнинск, Калужская обл.

ул.Калужская д. 24.


249001, Боровск-2,

ул. Взлётная.

Елабуга, Республика Татарстан,

промышленная площадка "Алабуга", улица 14, корпус 1, офис 4005.


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Thanks to its sensible customer relations policy and low cost of the customs services that it provides, RosTrans has won a reputation as a reliable partner among private and public organisations in Moscow and north west Russia as well as among foreign companies.

RosTrans offers the whole range of services:

We provide a high quality, fast and reliable service at a good price!


Our wide experience of working with customs authorities, our professionalism and services individually tailored to the customer's requirements enable us to perform customs processing and clearance of goods in the quickest time possible.

In addition, we offer the whole range of legal services for performing transactions.

RosTrans provides the whole range of customs clearance services:

preparation of documents required for completing customs declarations;

services for declaring entry of goods, customs clearance;

submission to Russian customs of documentation and additional information required for passing customs formalities;

presentation of declared goods to the customs authorities and, if necessary, on-the-spot customs inspection;

other customs clearance services acting as an authorised person regarding the goods;

consultation on foreign economic activities;

commodity classification for foreign economic activity;

calculation of customs charges, information on customs rates;

represent the customer at the customs authorities;

Integrated customs clearance;

Expert appraisal of foreign economic contracts;

Assistance in resolving conflicts regarding customs issues;

Preparation of documents and registration of the foreign economic activity participant with the customs authorities;

Help in organising foreign economic transactions with the assistance of a customs broker;

Expert appraisal of foreign economic contracts.

We provide customs clearance services in Saint Petersburg in the Baltic and Saint Petersburg customs zone.

We perform customs clearance of goods arriving by road and sea. If the goods need to pass veterinary control, we organise goods processing at the appropriate temporary storage facilities.

Since we began operating we have gained great experience in handling different types of goods: furniture, chemicals, tools, clothes, shoes, flooring, building and decorative materials, equipment (from printing to metal working), machines and food products including fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.