Company contacts

Sales department:

Department manager

Alina Galdina


tel: +7 911 799-11-98

Customer relations department:

Department manager

Alexei Sukhachev


tel: +7 911 729-27-27

Transport department:

Department manager

Anatoly Churakov


tel: +7 911 270-26-26

Forwarding department:

Department manager

Sergei Lebedev


tel: +7 911 290-27-27

Customs clearance department:

Department manager

Alexander Kapitonov


tel: +7 921 437-83-59

Freight department

Department manager

Igor Girenko


tel: +7 911 021-27-27

Head office:

13 ASHCH Moskovskoe Shosse

Saint Petersburg, 196158

tel:   (812) 329-03-81

fax: (812) 329-03-80




121170, Москва,

Кутузовский проспект 36, стр. 17.


603086, Нижний Новгород,

ул.Стрелка, д.21, офис 220.


353900, Новороссийск,

ул. Луначарского д. 23.


423800, Набережные Челны,

Производственный проезд, д.45.


Обнинск, Калужская обл.

ул.Калужская д. 24.


249001, Боровск-2,

ул. Взлётная.

Елабуга, Республика Татарстан,

промышленная площадка "Алабуга", улица 14, корпус 1, офис 4005.


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A sales and purchase agreement takes quite a long time to complete from the time that the goods have left the seller until they reach the buyer. This happens during transportation. Goods often disappear, are damaged or spoilt. Statistics show that most losses are due to theft and shortage as well as damage during transportation. To protect yourself from possible material losses, sellers or buyers (depending on the delivery conditions) turn to insurance companies.Ресо

Advantages of insuring goods with RESO-Garantia:

• Conditions of goods insurance is as close as possible to London insurance market standards, Institute Cargo Clauses (ICC '82);

• RЕSО-Garantia's insurance policy provides reliable insurance protection which is valid in Russia and abroad;

• With RЕSО-Garantia you can choose the most convenient and suitable insurance protection;

• The general insurance policy for regular shipments significantly decreases document flow and insurance expenses;

• Fast processing: our insurance agent will prepare your policy within 15 minutes;

• The general policy can be paid in instalments;

• Insurance payments are made within seven days of signing the insurance notice;

• Appraisal and the size of losses may be conducted by specialists from independent survey firms.