Company contacts

Sales department:

Department manager

Alina Galdina


tel: +7 911 799-11-98

Customer relations department:

Department manager

Alexei Sukhachev


tel: +7 911 729-27-27

Transport department:

Department manager

Anatoly Churakov


tel: +7 911 270-26-26

Forwarding department:

Department manager

Sergei Lebedev


tel: +7 911 290-27-27

Customs clearance department:

Department manager

Alexander Kapitonov


tel: +7 921 437-83-59

Freight department

Department manager

Igor Girenko


tel: +7 911 021-27-27

Head office:

13 ASHCH Moskovskoe Shosse

Saint Petersburg, 196158

tel:   (812) 329-03-81

fax: (812) 329-03-80




121170, Москва,

Кутузовский проспект 36, стр. 17.


603086, Нижний Новгород,

ул.Стрелка, д.21, офис 220.


353900, Новороссийск,

ул. Луначарского д. 23.


423800, Набережные Челны,

Производственный проезд, д.45.


Обнинск, Калужская обл.

ул.Калужская д. 24.


249001, Боровск-2,

ул. Взлётная.

Елабуга, Республика Татарстан,

промышленная площадка "Алабуга", улица 14, корпус 1, офис 4005.


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RosTrans forwards goods by sea and land within Russia and also abroad, including door to door.
We have long term agreements with the largest shipping companies and container operators (sea lines), stevedore companies and haulage companies which enable us to plan, organise and manage each stage of the goods' route, as well as to offer our customers competitive rates and a high quality service.

We perform all formal procedures and operations in the port, document management, filling in bills of lading, consignment documents, release for imported goods and other such documents. To avoid delays at the port the company receives the full set of documents from the customer before the ship arrives at Saint Petersburg. If necessary, the forwarder can make additions or amendments to these documents. This guarantees fast customs clearance and exit of the goods from the port as soon as possible.

RosTrans experts provide an economic and technical explanation for the goods transport scheme and provide consultations on any issues related to servicing goods.

We ensure that the work of all those involved in transporting the goods is coordinated, which means that our customers can avoid inefficient use of time and money.

We take care of our customers' worries and give them confidence in the safety of their goods by insuring all goods transported by road and also the container equipment itself. In addition, we always protect your container from criminal break-ins by using special seals which remove, as much as possible, the likelihood of discovering losses when unloading. We track the movement of the goods and provide customers current information on, in particular, arrival of the transport at the loading site, on the departure/arrival of ships at sea terminals, on the goods arrival at its destination and unloading.