Company contacts

Sales department:

Department manager

Alina Galdina


tel: +7 911 799-11-98

Customer relations department:

Department manager

Alexei Sukhachev


tel: +7 911 729-27-27

Transport department:

Department manager

Anatoly Churakov


tel: +7 911 270-26-26

Forwarding department:

Department manager

Sergei Lebedev


tel: +7 911 290-27-27

Customs clearance department:

Department manager

Alexander Kapitonov


tel: +7 921 437-83-59

Freight department

Department manager

Igor Girenko


tel: +7 911 021-27-27

Head office:

13 ASHCH Moskovskoe Shosse

Saint Petersburg, 196158

tel:   (812) 329-03-81

fax: (812) 329-03-80




121170, Москва,

Кутузовский проспект 36, стр. 17.


603086, Нижний Новгород,

ул.Стрелка, д.21, офис 220.


353900, Новороссийск,

ул. Луначарского д. 23.


423800, Набережные Челны,

Производственный проезд, д.45.


Обнинск, Калужская обл.

ул.Калужская д. 24.


249001, Боровск-2,

ул. Взлётная.

Елабуга, Республика Татарстан,

промышленная площадка "Алабуга", улица 14, корпус 1, офис 4005.


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Survey services PDF Print E-mail

Our company offers a wide range of survey and tally services for different types of goods in Saint Petersburg.

The company L-system was established in 2010 and provides independent survey services as well as quality and quantity management of different bulk goods. L-system can access foreign ships to perform quality control of loading and unloading works. L-system's regular clients are shipping lines, international trade companies, transport and logistics companies, terminals and manufacturers. Russian insurance companies use our services for independent investigation of damaged goods and risk assessment.

The high quality of our services and the quick resolution of any issues that arise make our company a leader in the survey market. L-system means high professionalism and guaranteed high quality work.



Types of provided survey services:

  • Determination of the quantity and quality of products in the temporary storage warehouse, as well as management of the release/transfer by order of the client.
  • Uninterrupted control during handling operations to guarantee the best conditions for the goods;
  • A final report photo of the work done;
  • Sampling for laboratory examination;
  • Preshipment inspection of goods;
  • Management of warehouse, goods storage;
  • Management of packing and labelling;
  • Services for supervising and managing warehouses, management of loading and unloading works;
  • Inspection of goods and property storage conditions;
  • Inspection of vehicles to make sure they are fit to handle goods;
  • Information and consultation support, providing of recommendations, etc;
  • Consultation services, assistance and appraisal when disputes and complaints arise from one of the parties;
  • Tally of all types of goods;
  • Sorting and labelling of goods;
  • Inspection of the conditions of sea and rail containers;
  • Sealing and unsealing of ship holds, carriages, containers, trucks;